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~Today’s Inspired Thought~

This is the reason why I am getting more comfortable living life as a single woman right now ♥

Because I love myself enough to see that “being single doesn’t mean that [I] know nothing about love. [But that] sometimes, being solo is wiser than being in a false relationship.

For the past 10 years I have placed myself in one false relationship to another. Due to my own false definitions of love. I was so in love with love that I blinded myself from the truth!

Just because he finds you physically attractive and you find him physically attractive does not guarantee that it is love. Just because you talk or text everyday does not guarantee that it is love. 

You “love” the fact that he is attractive and you “love” the fact that you can talk everyday but that doesn’t mean it’s True Love!

 It is the experience that I loved! The experience that he looks better, talks better, and acts better than the last guy or men you’ve dated in the past but that does NOT guarantee that it is True LOVE.

I can’t afford another false relationship anymore. I have cried enough tears and suffered enough from low esteem and doubts of my own abilities. I take full responsible for putting my soul in so much emotional turmoil because I kept choosing Mr. Wrong.  I’ve spent too much time with Mr. Wrong  and hindered possibly many opportunities for me to cross paths with Mr. Right.


~ Inspired Action ~

Thank you God, for the person who has shared both of these wise words today because I needed them today, yesterday and the day before that especially! I have been fighting temptation the past few days. I have visited his facebook page playing tug of war with the thought To write?! or Not to write?! 

These words were God Sent! I am grateful to my facebook friend for sharing both of these quotes! I’ve deleted my ex’s phone number month’s ago and the only thing that is keeping me from writing to him on facebook is considering the fact that he could be Mr. Wrong and if I go back to him I will never find Mr. Right.

And with one life to live, I can’t afford that!

I fully recognize that my desire to write to him is fueled by the disappoinment and regret that our relationship did not work just like the ones before him.  And my heart is sinking right now after writing those words ….just like the ones before him…I hate how I have to add him to my talli of failed relationships!

But once again I can’t afford to never find Mr. Right if I can’t let go of Mr. Wrong!

I have found strength today to continue to learn to live in love with myself and allow Mr. Right to come on God’s Time. I believe that as long as I keep my steps aligned with God and stay aligned to my line of positive purpose we will cross paths. ~♥~ ♥~ It is inevitable ~♥~ ♥~


~May True Love find you when you least expect it. May True Love find you as such a pleasant surprise.~

~ Many Blessings ~



Simply Amazing! When I give birth to my chid(ren) one day; I pray that life will continue to be so inspiring! Creativity is such a essential component for all organizations and I believe this is one of the BEST ideas that have come to life!

Julie Nicholls

It’s a tough time to be a charity. Increased competition, tightening of budgets and public apathy are all taking their toll on support and donations. The challenge that many face is just how to get exposure and raise awareness for their particular cause.

One American charity, is showing us how they do it by holding a competition in Canary Wharf this week. Canstruction is a charity set up to raise awareness of hunger in local communities. Through their annual design and build competitions held throughout America they are able to help feed hundreds of thousands of people. This is the first year the competition has been held in London. Ten teams of designers, architects and engineers will battle it out to create magnificent giant structures using only cans of food and imagination. And the deadline – just 12 hours.

The sculptures will all be on display throughout Canary Wharf for…

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~ Always Remember ~

~ Today’s Inspired Thought ~


Yes, I am. 

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live” – Jim Rohn

“Those who do not find time to exercise,sooner or later will have to find time for illness.” -Earl of Derby, Edward Stanley


~*~*~ The Best of Health to you and loved ones! ~*~*~

Such wise words in this text

“If we doubted our fears instead of doubting our dreams, imagine how much in life we’d accomplish. – Joel Brown


How many different ways do we need hear such wise words to GET IT? To finally invest all our energy of doubt towards our fears instead of investing  the energy of doubt towards dreams??

What will it take for many of us to break out of our comfort zone and break us out of our cycle of fear and doubt???


The more I read such wise words, the stronger my faith grows inch by inch towards accomplishing all the vision I have in mind. I am now inspired to say that “I doubt my fears.” 

I DOUBT MY FEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never heard anyone say such words and I deeply needed these words yesterday, last month, last year, even this past decade!!

But my eyes are wide awake to pay attention to them today, maybe more so awake and attentive than the person I was 10 years ago; so I am deeply grateful to see them and to truly pay attention to them.


And so I conclude that I needed those words TODAY!

My faith and focus has grown an inch higher and I now have more courage to say that “I will practice no longer investing doubts in my dreams, instead I will invest those doubts in my fears!”

Wow…. My thoughts and actions have truly been inspired tonight! ❤ ❤ ❤


~*~*~I pray the same for you! ~*~*~


Wise words in this text

“It is better to prepare for an opportunity and not have one then to have an opportunity and not be prepared” – Les Brown

“Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance” – unknown


“It is better to prepare for an opportunity and not have one then to have an opportunity and not be prepared” – Les Brown

Les Brown’s wise words supports the saying:

“Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.”

It will always be better to prepare for an opportunity in ADVANCE than to find one knocking at your door and not be prepared! It would save us all from kicking ourselves and saying “I woulda coulda shoulda!”

These quotes supports the reason why we should always continue our education or even to simply have extra business cards handy!

It has become so much more clearer now that I should do whatever it is needed and more to stay a few steps ahead of opportunity because it doesn’t always come on my watch. There is a high chance that it will come when we least expect it!


How has proper preparation prevents poor performance worked for you in your life? I’d love to hear your story and be REinspired!


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Wise words in this text

“Often, out of our greatest rejection comes our greatest direction.” – Joel Osteen

“Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times; they can only make you stronger.” – Unknown

“Your problems aren’t there to decrease you, their there to increase you.” – Joel Osteen

“A setback is a setup for a comeback” ~ Willie Jolley

“If you never tasted failure, you never know how sweet is success!” – Unknown


“Often, out of our greatest rejection comes our greatest direction.” – Joel Osteen


The more I read those words; The more I welcome rejection/adversity with open arms (even when it hurts so DEEP inside! SO DEEP that it brings me tears!) Oi! My chest just tightened up inside just thinking of the current obstacle that has come my way and the fear that I may not overcome it! :(.

But I now understand that rejection/failure is a great lesson towards success and a broken heart is a great lesson towards true love. ❤ ❤ ❤
So I will push forward and search for direction when rough times come my way. #inspiredaction


It is even more encouraging to read that

“Your problems aren’t there to decrease you, their there to increase you.” – Joel Osteen

Your knowledge/awareness is increased, your abilities are increased, you courage is increased when you learn the lessons that come along with the problems!

So adversity is not there to knock you down but there to educate you to push me forward and also prevent such adversity from happening again! Even if we face the same level of  adversity that tried to knock us down again, we are properly prepared to face it and use the strength we gained from the previous experience to confront it!


“A setback is a setup for a comeback” ~ Willie Jolley


Have you seen a setup from your setbacks?! Always keep your eyes open!

Joel Osteens’ and Willie Jolleys’ inspirational words have inspired my thoughts which will now inspire my actions tonight and tomorrow. And there is one more set of words that puts the cherry on top of this wonderful cake! And those words are:

“If you never tasted failure, you never know how sweet is success!” – Unknown


~*~*~  Many Blessings and Much Success to You ~*~*~


“He who appreciates self appreciates others; he who sees the beauties within recognizes the beauties in others. It takes one to see another.” <— I believe these wise words with all my heart.

I wholeheartedly agree with – "If you are adequately self-loved, first of all you don’t have to, unconsciously, actively seeking for others’ love and recognition…"

I am no longer depressed as a single woman or as envious of relationships I witness as a single woman as I was in the past because I now truly understand what it means to love myself. When I am alone, I now know how to enjoy my own company rather than go out and seek the company of a man that was never right for me in the first place; but he appeared as if we met at the right place and the right time because he fulfilled my desire not to be alone and because he fulfilled the desire to feel attractive and wanted.

I love myself too much now to search desperately for love that I can only give myself until the right man crosses my path and add to the love I have for myself; not replace it.

I truly am beautiful; I am a beautiful creation of my parents and I am proud of it and I now know that I do not need a man to affirm that but his compliments will be appreciated. I am a intelligent woman, my college degree says that and I do not need a man to affirm that but his compliments will be appreciated. And the list goes on.

I am so happy to be single now; and I am more than happy to stay single for as long as I can because I love myself too much to put myself in emotional turmoil with the wrong man again. I will wait to cross paths with Mr. Right on God's Time.

Bucket List Challenges

He who appreciates self appreciates others; he who sees the beauties within recognizes the beauties in others. It takes one to see another.

Is self-love a new concept for you? Or you always know about it, but just not really doing it? You may love lots of others along the way, but neglect to love yourself? Or you always love yourself much more than loving others? In life, we will all come to a point where we find ourselves lost  in love and realize we have not really treat ourselves well, love ourselves adequately. This is the rising of self-love and the turning moment of life.

Self-love is important, as it is a part of the foundation to your love relationships. If you are adequately self-loved, first of all you don’t have to, unconsciously, actively seeking for others’ love and recognition; second, the love you share with others is based…

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Just Eat Right and of course Exercise to seal the deal! That’s all it takes to keep your high school figure (if your a teenager); to get back to the slimmer you (if your a new mother); or to get to a leaner muscular you (if your a man).

I have been working in the fitness industry for about 4 years now and it’s amazing how much of a challenge it is for many to count calories especially when they desperately need too. There was a point where it was a challenge for me to keep track as well!

But why do we hate counting calories?…

The true question is Why do we count calories in the first place?

Many centuries ago before words were spoken and before words were written. Our ancestors did not count calories. Our ancestors lived off the land. Lived off of what was available to them. And their bodies were so much leaner and better because of it. Plus they were so much more active. Their ability to function on a day to day basis was based on outdoor activity throughout the majority of their days and indoor activity was little too none until the sun goes down.

As civilization evolved and prized recipes were shared from one culture to another. Generations of our families now have an option to prepare Italian flavors one day, Chinese another day, American the next day and back to their own ethnic food the next day and repeat.

We have so many options to choose from, especially when we live in America where many trees that once was roamed by our ancestors have now been replaced with Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Dunkin Donuts, Convenience stores that sell a wide array of 1 dollar candy, 1 dollar chips,  1 dollar chocolates, 1 dollar soda and the list goes on!

So why do we count calories now when our ancestors did not count them back then? And why do many of us hate counting calories?

Because our families eat so much more today and move so much less. Our families function so much more indoors instead of outdoors. Our homes are built for us, instead of us building it ourselves. Our ability to travel great distances by foot or by horse carriages has been conveniently been replaced by cars, trains, and planes. Most job opportunities  are available in office/desk settings or truck/bus/taxi driving instead of up on foot and out in about.

The mailman gets more exercise than the average employee! And if you are are not a professional athlete, exercise can be little to none nowadays until we wait until it hurts.

Until it hurts to look at ourselves in the mirror, until our backs and knees hurt from the extra weight we slowly but surely gained throughout our sedentary years, or until our heart, kidney and/or liver finally gets exhausted from doing their best to adjust to the extra workload we put them through from all the extra food we feed our bodies without much needed exercise.

Counting calories is now a necessity. Because our cultures have been introduced to a wide array of meals, snacks and drinks to choose from we have developed a greater sense of craving. And with a greater sense of craving comes a desire to eat to please our tongue and our mind more so than to please our body.

And our bodies become a victim of abuse. Abuse of overeating.

We count calories because we have lost control of what is most important. We’ve lost control of our longevity. When one becomes overweight or obese and is diagnosed with conditions from diabetes or high blood pressure. It is evidence that we have lose control of our longevity and so we must count calories to get back in control.

We hate counting calories because  we feel like our freedom is taken away from us. Our freedom to enjoy what we want, how much we want, when we want. Because we don’t have time to sit and count. Because we didn’t grow up doing it and it’s not a natural habit. Because it reminds us of health problems.

But counting calories keep us in control, keeps us aware, keeps us in check in making sure that we are giving our bodies the proper energy and nutrients it needs in order to function properly. That is the importance of counting calories…because our lives depends on it if you wish to live another 10, 20, 30, 40 years! We have only one life and we should put all efforts to conserve it.

The image above can relieve us of our hate of counting calories.

Thinking back to the time of our ancestors. No doubt they indulged in the “fruits” of their land and they did not gain much weight because they ate right.  It really isn’t about eating less chips, burgers, pizza and drinking less soda and juice. It’s about eating right.

The right way to eat is to eat more of the “fruits” of our land rather the production of boxed, canned and bagged items that are man made creations.

I always tell myself that anything man-made has serious consequences.

So I do my best to stay conscious of the foods I eat by asking myself such questions as:

Did most of what I am eating grow from the ground or from trees?

Is it organic or was it made in a factory?

Is this plate a picture of quality or quantity?

Will this help me live longer or will this make me sicker?

Weight loss is not hard! We just make it so.


~ Here’s wishing you the best of health ~


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I was always puzzled with how my fellow bloggers were able to link their Facebook page on the right side of their blog in order for new fans to follow.

Like do I have to upgrade my membership in order to have the ability to do so???

Well I am glad that’s not the case! It’s so easy!

You can go about it in two ways!

Here is one way 🙂

You can get widgets by clicking on your closest link to Dashboard and if your “Right Now” box is still located at the top left of your dashboard just look for the theme of your page and the number of widgets you have which is below tthe Content which explains the # of your posts, # of pages, # of categories, and # of your tags.

So what your looking for is your specific theme and # of widgets. For example mine is:

Theme Motion with 7 Widgets

Click on the number of Widgets you have and follow the directions provided under Available Widgets

Drag available widgets that are listed on the left side of the page to the sidebar on the right side of the page.

This will activate the available widget so that others can see them too! Click on the dropbox arrow (the arrow that points down next to the widget name) to customize it accordingly.

And you can drag  widgets on the right side to the left  if you wish to deactivate them so that it no longer appears on your page.    

Take note that if you wish to keep the settings you made on the widget that you wish to remove at this time. You must drag it all the way to the bottom of the page in the box that will help save the settings for you.

Scroll all the way down to get to know your options 🙂

Pay attention to where you drag your widgets!

If you wish to attach an image of your blog award or link your blog’s facebook page so that it is visible for everyone to see.. you’d want to be careful not to place the widget under these categories:

Footer Left

Footer Middle

Footer Right


If you place a blog award image or Facebook box in Footers, you will have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to actually see it!

The widget name to add facebook on the right is Facebook Like Box
And the widget name to add a blog award on the right is simply Image
– Customize your widget by clicking on the dropbox arrow that is pointing down on the right side of the widget’s name.
– If you want to place your blog award image on the top right, middle right or bottom right of widgets you have on your page. All you have to do is drag it above or below the number of widgets you have listed under your Sidebar.
The second way to get to Widgets is when you have the Dashboard menu fully extended.
Click on Appearance which is under Ratings or above Users, Tools and Settings and then just click on Widgets.
Easy Peasy!
Hope this helps!
Have fun! 😀