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~ Inspired Thought of the Day ~

~ Inspired Action ~

I am so amazed by these words. These words of inspiration are what I live for! I am so so grateful!

The old me used to believe you either have courage or you don’t! Now my eyes are wide open and inspired by the thought that courage is just like a muscle! Your courage/muscle may be weak now but with consistent practice and use it can be strengthened! And so I shall!

 Amazing perspective especially now that I am studying health and fitness. This message has clicked into place deep down inside of me and I am so happy and empowered to strengthened the little courage I have bit by bit!

And I am even more in a state of appreciation and empowerment by Oprah’s words below.

I have always been so quick to give up. Fear has always overpowered me when I was younger and I did not understand that there was a way to build it little by little. How I wish I had someone to say to me that Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway. How I wish to believe I would of taken action more because of these wise words. I am grateful to have read these words now and understand them. I am grateful to feel more prepared to act even with fear knowing that doing it anyway is an act of courage.

Now I will push forward understanding that my life will expand in proportion to my courage. Because indeed my life is in a place where I believe it has shrunk and it is limited because of the fear that I’ve allowed to take over me. So much of what I envision is only possible when I act with courage! And so I will nurture this muscle of courage use by use so that it is strengthened.

~I pray you are empowered as well~


~ Yesterday’s Inspired Thought ~

Two great questions!
What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

I would do Any and All inspired thoughts that have come to mind. I want to achieve Any and ALL inspired thoughts, dreams and visions with no fear!

This needs to be my daily mantra. I want these words to be a natural thought. Can you see how much you can accomplish in life if this was a deeply instilled natural thought?

Go For It!

Believe it! Good things do indeed happen when you GO FOR IT!
If you fail in the experience, you have been blessed with awareness and the opportunity to improve and if you achieve in the experience you have been blessed with renewed confidence, awareness and experience.

 No more hesitating!

There is so much truth behind these words. Many of us hesitate and hold back from taking action because we want our actions to be perfect. But that urge perfection can lead to procrastination and can lead to the loss of a great opportunity. Getting it DONE is so much better than Perfect!

It’s time to let go of the fear of being perfect and just DO IT!


Words of Wisdom in this text

“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”
– Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, 2011 Noble Peace Prize Winner

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.”
– Mark Twain

“If you want something you never had, then you have to do something you’ve never done”

“Courage is like a muscle; it is strengthened by use.”
-Ruth Gordon
I have a dream, a vision that scares me and the deadline is fast approaching! And its an opportunity that I just can’t allow to pass by!

Some puzzles are in place to make this deadline but there is a huge piece that I do not have which will make this puzzle complete. One that I need another’s help completing. One that may not be found with the help of family. One that most likely will have to be from a stranger’s aid.
It’s one thing to contemplate an idea you’ve never achieved before; while your in your comfort zone (i.e. thinking while sitting on the couch is easy)

It’s another thing to put it into action which takes you outside of your comfort zone (i.e. meticulous, mentally exhausting, test of persistence research; for ways to put your idea into action; additionally dropping pride and fear of asking for help in order to put your idea to life)

It’s time for me to step out of my comfort zone but I find that it sure does HURT! Literally speaking! So much so that my spirit to succeed quickly shrinks away like a hand that has touched a HOT pot!

But just like a hand needs a glove to manage a hot pot so does my spirit needs word of empowerment to push forward and achieve. And one of the greatest words that pushes me to achieve are

“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”
-Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, 2011 Noble Peace Prize Winner

Oh man! This vision! This dream terrifies me! And I am excited to see that it is only a prerequisite towards an accomplish. So it gives me reason to believe that there is no reason for me to give in to the fear, but welcome it!! because my dreams are BIG. Dreams that are part of something bigger than myself. And with great trials come great tribulation!
“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.” – Mark Twain

You have read that my dream, my vision terrifies me. My mind is further at ease by reading Mark Twains’ words; that courage can be defined as the resistance of fear….the mastery of fear but not the absence of it! I repeat…….but not the absence of fear Amazing! I am now happy to be afraid! lol

It’s the taming of fear, like one would tame a lion, that can get you far! That can place you in a state of accomplishment!

A tamed lion is still a wild lion! It is a nature – a deeply instilled nature – that is an inescapable characteristic of a lion; which can be contained to a certain degree by the control of the tamer. (Now that’s terrifying! ~~~>)

So I too will tame my fear and it is only natural for it to want to reappear with full force just like a lion only knows how to attack with full force! But I now have the ability to contain it with enough control so that it influences action instead of influencing hesitation and inaction!

I am off to do something I’ve never done before which will only strengthen my courage. Now I leave with excitement!

“Courage is like a muscle; it is strengthened by use.”
-Ruth Gordon

I pray this empowers you to do the same!
~Many Blessings~