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~Today’s Inspired Thought~

~ Amen ~

Yes, This is such a ~powerful~ message.


~Inspired Action~

When pleasant circumstances come our way; moments that seem so unbelievable; like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders! Are we quick to Thank God or our we quick to give ourselves the credit?

Many unhappy circumstances appear from the fault of our own and not God.

We must take responsibility for our own actions rather than scream “WHY GOD??? WHY ME??!!”

Those troubled times are most likely due to the fact that our steps were not aligned with Him. Our steps were not steps of gratitude for Him in our lives.

I am now quick to Thank God for the experiences that makes me smile. And when I am at the brink of tears, I am not quick to blame God but to blame myself and take responsibility for my own actions. Actions that were not worthy of His Blessings.

I learn from the experience and do my best to get back in line with Him.

When we are not living lives that is not worthy of God’s approval we are highly susceptible to unpleasant circumstances.  It is not really His Hand that showered you with that punishment but the hand of your own. Due the choices you have made that were not worthy of a blessing.

I believe our God is a beautiful positive God who is quick to bless whereas the Devil is quick to punish.

The more we keep our steps aligned with God, the more we will receive His blessings. The more we express gratitude for those blessings, the least we will cry tears of frustration, shock and shame.

~ Keep in Mind ~


~Many Blessings to You~



~Today’s Inspired Thought~

This is the reason why I am getting more comfortable living life as a single woman right now ♥

Because I love myself enough to see that “being single doesn’t mean that [I] know nothing about love. [But that] sometimes, being solo is wiser than being in a false relationship.

For the past 10 years I have placed myself in one false relationship to another. Due to my own false definitions of love. I was so in love with love that I blinded myself from the truth!

Just because he finds you physically attractive and you find him physically attractive does not guarantee that it is love. Just because you talk or text everyday does not guarantee that it is love. 

You “love” the fact that he is attractive and you “love” the fact that you can talk everyday but that doesn’t mean it’s True Love!

 It is the experience that I loved! The experience that he looks better, talks better, and acts better than the last guy or men you’ve dated in the past but that does NOT guarantee that it is True LOVE.

I can’t afford another false relationship anymore. I have cried enough tears and suffered enough from low esteem and doubts of my own abilities. I take full responsible for putting my soul in so much emotional turmoil because I kept choosing Mr. Wrong.  I’ve spent too much time with Mr. Wrong  and hindered possibly many opportunities for me to cross paths with Mr. Right.


~ Inspired Action ~

Thank you God, for the person who has shared both of these wise words today because I needed them today, yesterday and the day before that especially! I have been fighting temptation the past few days. I have visited his facebook page playing tug of war with the thought To write?! or Not to write?! 

These words were God Sent! I am grateful to my facebook friend for sharing both of these quotes! I’ve deleted my ex’s phone number month’s ago and the only thing that is keeping me from writing to him on facebook is considering the fact that he could be Mr. Wrong and if I go back to him I will never find Mr. Right.

And with one life to live, I can’t afford that!

I fully recognize that my desire to write to him is fueled by the disappoinment and regret that our relationship did not work just like the ones before him.  And my heart is sinking right now after writing those words ….just like the ones before him…I hate how I have to add him to my talli of failed relationships!

But once again I can’t afford to never find Mr. Right if I can’t let go of Mr. Wrong!

I have found strength today to continue to learn to live in love with myself and allow Mr. Right to come on God’s Time. I believe that as long as I keep my steps aligned with God and stay aligned to my line of positive purpose we will cross paths. ~♥~ ♥~ It is inevitable ~♥~ ♥~


~May True Love find you when you least expect it. May True Love find you as such a pleasant surprise.~

~ Many Blessings ~


Inspirational words in this text

“I acknowledge that sex is not only a physical act but a spiritual act as well. Therefore I will save my mind, body, and spirit for my future mate.” – From My Commitment to GOD

Today is my one month anniversary! renewing my commitment to
~to myself,
~to my family
~my friends
~and to my future mate.

My commitment to them all to stay pure with my renewed abstinence.

One month ago, I attended two classes that were held in my church* for my age group. Addressing what does “True Love Waits” mean……and how can one be able to protect their purity; your pure virginity or renewed abstinence.

I have renewed my abstinence and if you surveyed and asked me if my first time was worth it. I would of said

“if I could go back in time, I would have never lost my virginity the way I did.”

But today, I do not sit in regret…today I sit with acceptance for what I’ve done and evermore inspired to save myself; not for my next “boyfriend” but for the next man who will respect my abstinence; a man who is in search a woman he will wholeheartedly commit to a monogamously loving relationship; which will last a ~lifetime~.

It IS possible.

There is so much in this world today that makes it hard to believe it; hard to believe that a marriage can last; News of divorce is no longer few and far between but I believe wholeheartedly as long as I keep my steps aligned with GOD and HIS Timing it is possible to have a marriage that will last a ~lifetime~.

I understand that I must not sit and wait for him to come me but that I must step out into the world putting into action all the good GOD wants me to do and in turn my Adam (the man that God is working on for me) will cross paths with me when he as well is putting into action all the good GOD wants him to do.

I need to pause for a moment……………………….

Wow……..The Day will come.

It is coming each second that goes by!

Here is my monthly commitment. ~I am so grateful for my church!~

A commitment I speak with all of my heart each month and in which I take to action each day…

Believing that true love waits, I make
~~A commitment to GOD~~
myself, my family, my friends,
my future mate, to a lifetime of purity
including sexual abstinence from this
day until the day I enter a biblical
marriage relationship.

I acknowledge that my body is a
temple of the Holy Spirit, and I will
protect and guard this temple and will
present my body as a living sacrifice
to God. I acknowledge that sex is not
only a physical act but a spiritual act
as well. Therefore I will save my mind,
body, and spirit
for my future mate.
I was worth dying for; therefore
~I am worth waiting for~

~ You are worth dying for ~
Jesus loved us much that he died for our sins.

~ You are worth waiting for ~
And such a great sacrifice deserves our gratitude and honor for what he has done for us.

~You are worth waiting for~

This prayer is for you as well ❤

~~Many blessings~~

*Here is a link to my church: Jubilee

Quest for Love

What a blessing, What JOY to find “the one”! To find Mr. Right or Mrs. Right! The man, the woman you will give your ALL too WITHOUT a second thought! In society today, it seems like it takes LUCK to find the one. According to movies, according to magazines, according to stories people share with us….it almost seems you just got to be LUCKY to find yourself with Mr. or Mrs. Right. Someone who is absolutely in LOVE with you and ONLY YOU!

We seek and so many of us find and rush into relationships with hopes to find that person! Influenced by family, friends, society who directly or indirectly tell us that we are of age to date or to marry; opinions that were based on their watch and on yours.

Many of us end up heartbroken and scarred from a relationship that started off so right and ended SO wrong. The heartache came because we didn’t know and were not taught that the best time to be in a relationship is on GOD’s Time and it is simply because “HIS timing is better than [ours]”…..Always.

Reading those words in this blog has re-enforced my commitment to stay pure for the man of my dreams. The man God knows so much better than I because HE is the one who is working on “the one” for me. And a true man of God would be loyal, loving, faithful, committed and I put all my faith on His Timing. I look so forward to that day.

The Making of a Woman, one of the best sermon’s by Pastor Johnson of Eastern Star Church. Eve was not God’s afterthought; neither were YOU! God didn’t make woman until Adam realized he needed one. Pastor Johnson’s next point was that if a man doesn’t know that he needs you, then its not the right time.
The making of woman is a process. God put Adam in a deep sleep while He was making Eve. God wants to make you whole and complete before he wakes up the Adam in your life.

God is not through with you yet! Do not become any less than who you were created to be. A man that accepts you as you are is the right man for you. I accept that God is working on me while He is also working on my Adam. His timing is better than mine, so I believe…

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Inspirational Words in this text

“Release yourself from the path that broke your heart” – Sandy Kulkin


Our church blessed us with the guest appearance of Sanford Kulkin who was full of charisma, humor and wisdom in the name of God. ❤

As I have spent the past year aligning my steps with God I have come to find that there is always room for MORE ENCOURAGEMENT, MORE INSPIRATION, MORE EMPOWERMENT.

And his guest appearance today proved just that.

Bishop Thompson and his wife are so encouraging, so inspiring and so empowering with their messages of how blessed life will be when our steps are aligned with God.

Pastor Matt and his wife have been so encouraging, so inspiring and so empowering with their messages of how blessed life will be with our steps aligned with God.

And occassional guest speakers such Sandford Kulkin have been so encouraging, so inspiring, so empowering of how blessed life will be with our steps aligned with God.

I can't resist repeating this….

Life will be so ~~blessed~~ when we align our steps with God.

And there is always room for more inspiring, encouraging, empowering people to repeat the same message with their own testimonials.

Hearing him say

“Release yourself from the past that broke your heart” – Sandy Kulkin

has inspired the thought that I need to release myself from my heartbreaking past so that I can move forward to a future that is bigger, better and brighter.

He has added fuel to my faith that has grown with the help of Bishop Thompson, his family and his friends who preach at Jubilee and I am growing more and more grateful to have found Jubilee.

~Many Blessings~

Morning Gratitude

I’ve been putting so much focus on finding my purpose, creating my purpose, achieving my purpose in life that I was slowly but surely losing my appreciation for the ones who gave me life in the first place.

My Parents
My Grandparents
My Ancestors

I now believe that I struggled and continue to struggle with accomplishing my purpose in life because I didn’t appreciate what they have passed on to me.

I struggle because I am inconsistent with my gratitude for what they have blessed me with. Selfishly appreciative when they give and I take. Conversely, I should be the one giving them so much more for what they have given me. That in which I could not give to myself…..


The breath to live, the eyes to see this computer screen, the brain to think these words, the fingers to type these words, the mouth to speak these words, the heart to confess these words.

I am so grateful because they have given me LIFE. Human Life. The opportunity to live 100 years. To see the best of times and the worst of times that can potentially unfold to the best of times.

An ant’s life can’t compare, a bird’s life can’t compare, a horse’s life can’t compare (as lovely as they are) to a human’s life experience.

So Indeed I am grateful.

And I determine each morning, each time that I wake, to reflect with Gratitude and say

Thank you
Thank you GOD
I fully acknowledge this day was given to me
I fully acknowledge that I did not give this day to myself
I give Thanks to My Ancestors who gave birth and raised my Grandparents
I give thanks to My Grandmothers who carried and raised my Parents
I give thanks to my mother who carried us (my twin and I) in her womb for 8 months
I give thanks to her for the sacrifice she gave of her body, of her once small physique, to continue the flow of life on earth unselfishly

I give thanks to my Parents who raised us
Who gave us more days of happiness versus discipline
Who gave up so much of their life; living to work instead of working to live
So that my siblings and I can achieve what they did not have the opportunity to achieve in Haiti
The **Freedom** to accomplish so much more in America

I give thanks to our Heavenly Father
The man I lacked appreciation for the most
HE who only had wisdom and lessons to keep me safe, to keep me holy, to keep me pure
And yet I have doubted him, I have denied him, I have disobeyed him
And have paid such a great price in all categories of my life
Which makes me so utterly grateful for the limitless opportunities HE gives us to redeem ourselves
I am utterly grateful for HIS grace
And fully Acknowledge that I could not have all that was listed above without HIM.

I see now that my purpose starts with them.

Oprah said it best

“The strength that your Ancestors gave, is the strength that you come from”

I see that strength is the foundation of my purpose in life. Strength to do what has never been accomplished before in my family history. Strength to overcome a Generational delay of Success. Generational delay that can be traced all the way back to when Hispaniola was discovered and colonized.

Strength to accomplish what every human being has a natural right to accomplish with only one life to live.

Financial Well Being
Physical Well Being
Relational Well Being
Social Well Being
Mental Well Being
Spiritual Well Being

Indeed I am Grateful and my purpose starts with consistently paying homage to them.