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~ Today’s Inspired Thought ~


I am so so afraid of standing still. I am so afraid of finding myself in the same unsatisfied and unaccomplished place that I feel I am in right now. I don’t want to be in this place next year!


“Be not afraid of moving slowly; be afraid of standing still.” is a lifesaver. There are days where I would lose motivation and find myself at a “plateau”. These words have helped empower me to continue moving forward at my own pace. Although my pace is slow due to inconvenient circumstances; each day that I push forward only pushes me one day closer to my goal and so I refuse to stand still.


When you don’t hear those words above enough one tends to forget such common sense. The more I see those words, the more the meaning starts to sink in and turns from inspired thought to inspired action.

Reading that success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out has given me so much RELIEF! I feel better to think that I am on the right track moving at the pace that I am in. I do feel that I need to pick up the pace though because my level of urgency has diminished a bit due to emotional adversity. Coming to better understand that the small steps that I am taking will sum up to the success I wish to reach has fueled my passion to achieve!


I’ve come to realize with such clearer understanding that mistakes are not meant to make you feel inadequate and unworthy of success.

Mistakes are not opportunities for you to quit.

Mistakes are opportunities for growth and improvement.

In the past, when I made a mistake I would be so quick to respond with harsh words to myself. I didn’t need anyone to discourage me because I was my own worst critic! I got in the way of my own success with such a negative and uninspiring attitude.

It’s time to let go of the thoughts that do not make me strong.

With practice all of these inspiring words will become normal thoughts and normal actions. This is what I aspire to achieve.



~ Positively Positive! ~

Wise words in this text

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.” – Corrie Ten Boom

“You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”  – Albert Einstein


“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.” – Corrie Ten Boom

I needed these words 6 months ago and after constant reminder I now have the strength not to feel overwhelmed from worry.

Worries that have stressed and kept me up at night are no longer allowed to fill my mental space; Because I finally understand that

Worrying used to suck my strength away, it sucked my smiles away, it sucked my energy to laugh, it sucked my ability to think clearly, it sucked my self-confidence and so I now I use strength to stop worrying because I value my smile, I love how it feels to laugh, I love the results of clear thoughts and I cannot afford to lose my self-confidence. Strength will push my worries away and so for now on I use my strength to resolve my worries.

“You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”  – Albert Einstein

Use strength as your solution to your worries. You cannot solve a problem with worrying but you can solve a problem with strength. This has been my #inspiredaction.

My strength is knowing that there are always solutions to a problem. And so with faith I focus on finding the solution.

Instead of putting so much energy in crying myself to sleep which only makes me start my day in a bad note which will attract more negative outcomes. Or putting so much energy in stressing out which makes me emotionally eat and gain weight. (nothing good comes out of worrying)

I’ve decided to put more of that energy on positive faith and focus.

Faith that there is always a solution and Focus in finding what that solution is.

How is life like when you are not worrying?

Life is calmer.  Life is tamed. Life is better.

And so my strength, my faith, my focus is to return to those feelings once more.


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~ I wish you freedom from your worries and strength towards your solutions ~

Wise words in this text

The benefit of my pain is it gave me an intensity! – Tony Robbins


The benefit of your pain is to give you wisdom, to discover strength that you never had before, to discover the gift from it which is to protect, serve and save yourself and most importantly to save another.

Share your pain, share your story, find peace from saving another.

*a great lesson learned today


Thank the person you hurt because they have given you a conscious.

Inspirational Words in this text

“Release yourself from the path that broke your heart” – Sandy Kulkin


Our church blessed us with the guest appearance of Sanford Kulkin who was full of charisma, humor and wisdom in the name of God. ❤

As I have spent the past year aligning my steps with God I have come to find that there is always room for MORE ENCOURAGEMENT, MORE INSPIRATION, MORE EMPOWERMENT.

And his guest appearance today proved just that.

Bishop Thompson and his wife are so encouraging, so inspiring and so empowering with their messages of how blessed life will be when our steps are aligned with God.

Pastor Matt and his wife have been so encouraging, so inspiring and so empowering with their messages of how blessed life will be with our steps aligned with God.

And occassional guest speakers such Sandford Kulkin have been so encouraging, so inspiring, so empowering of how blessed life will be with our steps aligned with God.

I can't resist repeating this….

Life will be so ~~blessed~~ when we align our steps with God.

And there is always room for more inspiring, encouraging, empowering people to repeat the same message with their own testimonials.

Hearing him say

“Release yourself from the past that broke your heart” – Sandy Kulkin

has inspired the thought that I need to release myself from my heartbreaking past so that I can move forward to a future that is bigger, better and brighter.

He has added fuel to my faith that has grown with the help of Bishop Thompson, his family and his friends who preach at Jubilee and I am growing more and more grateful to have found Jubilee.

~Many Blessings~

Morning Gratitude

I’ve been putting so much focus on finding my purpose, creating my purpose, achieving my purpose in life that I was slowly but surely losing my appreciation for the ones who gave me life in the first place.

My Parents
My Grandparents
My Ancestors

I now believe that I struggled and continue to struggle with accomplishing my purpose in life because I didn’t appreciate what they have passed on to me.

I struggle because I am inconsistent with my gratitude for what they have blessed me with. Selfishly appreciative when they give and I take. Conversely, I should be the one giving them so much more for what they have given me. That in which I could not give to myself…..


The breath to live, the eyes to see this computer screen, the brain to think these words, the fingers to type these words, the mouth to speak these words, the heart to confess these words.

I am so grateful because they have given me LIFE. Human Life. The opportunity to live 100 years. To see the best of times and the worst of times that can potentially unfold to the best of times.

An ant’s life can’t compare, a bird’s life can’t compare, a horse’s life can’t compare (as lovely as they are) to a human’s life experience.

So Indeed I am grateful.

And I determine each morning, each time that I wake, to reflect with Gratitude and say

Thank you
Thank you GOD
I fully acknowledge this day was given to me
I fully acknowledge that I did not give this day to myself
I give Thanks to My Ancestors who gave birth and raised my Grandparents
I give thanks to My Grandmothers who carried and raised my Parents
I give thanks to my mother who carried us (my twin and I) in her womb for 8 months
I give thanks to her for the sacrifice she gave of her body, of her once small physique, to continue the flow of life on earth unselfishly

I give thanks to my Parents who raised us
Who gave us more days of happiness versus discipline
Who gave up so much of their life; living to work instead of working to live
So that my siblings and I can achieve what they did not have the opportunity to achieve in Haiti
The **Freedom** to accomplish so much more in America

I give thanks to our Heavenly Father
The man I lacked appreciation for the most
HE who only had wisdom and lessons to keep me safe, to keep me holy, to keep me pure
And yet I have doubted him, I have denied him, I have disobeyed him
And have paid such a great price in all categories of my life
Which makes me so utterly grateful for the limitless opportunities HE gives us to redeem ourselves
I am utterly grateful for HIS grace
And fully Acknowledge that I could not have all that was listed above without HIM.

I see now that my purpose starts with them.

Oprah said it best

“The strength that your Ancestors gave, is the strength that you come from”

I see that strength is the foundation of my purpose in life. Strength to do what has never been accomplished before in my family history. Strength to overcome a Generational delay of Success. Generational delay that can be traced all the way back to when Hispaniola was discovered and colonized.

Strength to accomplish what every human being has a natural right to accomplish with only one life to live.

Financial Well Being
Physical Well Being
Relational Well Being
Social Well Being
Mental Well Being
Spiritual Well Being

Indeed I am Grateful and my purpose starts with consistently paying homage to them.

Throughout my Six Years, I have seeked and found so many sites, books, TV shows to fulfill my desire to be happy


And its through intentionally searching for ways and solutions and accidentally stumbling on certain ways and solutions; that I have now come to realize why I am inconsistent.

I have grown depend on way too many sources; trying to fix too many problems I had in all six categories.

There is so much truth in the saying “When you seek, You will Find”

I have bookmarked hundreds of sites, I have wish listed hundreds of books, I have watched thousands of shows and I have found that one must start with Gratitude.

I am now committed to being Grateful for what I have
instead of being so up and so down with what I don’t have (i.e. feeling so down about being Six Years Behind).

It’s time to release the feeling of regret, disappointment, shame, anger, guilt, frustration, the why me syndrome, doubtful determination….

It’s time to replace it all with greatly instilled Gratitude.

It will be six years since I graduated from College

SIX years
2192 days (including leap years)
131,520 hours of scattered living
7,891,200 mins emotionally rollarcoasting through
tears, laughter, anger, joy, frustration, new-found trust, lost trust, love, pain, forgiving, grudging, hating, denying, shame, bliss…

EIGHT million minutes which included sleeping some of the negative away, sleeping some of the positive away, allowing the negative to determine my next steps, allowing the positive to determine my next steps.

Scattered Living.

Six Years has gone by and if I can name my six years of life in the Real World in one word. It would be


Inconsistent Physically
Inconsistent Mentally
Inconsistent Spiritually
Inconsistent Financially
Inconsistent Relationally
Inconsistent Socially

I’ve desperately needed Change in every single category. And I have experienced change many a time. Negative Change and a Positive Change.
The only problem was and is – Consistency.
A happy ending in each one.
It has yet to be achieved……..CONSISTENTLY.

It’s time to practice Positive Change that will lead to Positive Growth.
To Live a Better Life Consistently.Image